I have written a number of articles that have appeared in translators' journals or language network newsletters. These include:

  "Meet the client", ITI BULLETIN, May 2010

  A report on an ITI training event at the University of Bath that brought together translation companies and freelancers

  "How to achieve self-sustainability", ITI BULLETIN, January 2011

  A report on a one-day workshop on how to achieve a healthy work/life balance and build emotional resilience. This was held at the University of Bath and facilitated by Siobhan Soraghan

  "Tiefen-Information, appetitlich aufbereitet", MDÜ, February 2012

  An article regarding a German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) seminar on communication technology (signal transmission, data transmission protocols, internet applications, cloud computing) at Hildesheim University, Germany

  "The rules of good writing", ITI BULLETIN, May 2013

  An article on a workshop in Bath on technical authoring and developing an effective writing style, organised by the ITI Western Regional Group

  "Linguists out west", ITI BULLETIN, September 2014

  A report on a workshop on contract law for translators and interpreters in Bristol, organised by the ITI Western Regional Group

  "25 years of memories", ITI BULLETIN, May 2016

  An interview with Anna George, who stepped down as coordinator of the ITI Western Regional Group after a quarter century of service

  "Jala Flow", OM Yoga Magazine, October 2017

  Magazine article on a trip from Bristol to Sidmouth on the Jurassic coast for a Jala Flow Yoga retreat

  "DeepL: Tool or Threat for Translators?", NETZBLATT, October 2017

  An evaluation of the machine translation tool DeepL, which was created by Cologne-based start-up DeepL GmbH, using specific examples from my translation work

  "Adapt or die", ITI BULLETIN, January 2018

  An article about the University of Portsmouth 17th Annual Translation Conference, which focused on the increasing use of machine translation

  "Tidy tools for translators and interpreters", NEWYDDION, June 2018

  A write-up on an ITI Cymru Wales event in Cardiff on tools designed to improve the efficiency in translation and interpreting and the quality of translations

  "Patentschriften verstehen und übersetzen", NETZBLATT, October 2019

  An article covering a 2-day BDÜ workshop on translating patents from English into German with Prof. Dr. Schmitt in Erfurt

  "The 80/20 rule: Achieving more with less", NETZBLATT, February 2020

  An article on the practical implementation of the 80/20 rule (or Pareto principle) in both everyday life and the management of freelancers' businesses